eamelink / sbt-purescript   0.4.0

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PureScript plugin for SBT

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13


sbt-purescript is an SBT plugin that compiles PureScript files to Javascript. It uses and follows the conventions of sbt-web.


To use a stable release, add the following to the project/plugins.sbt of your project:

addSbtPlugin("net.eamelink.sbt" % "sbt-purescript" % "0.4.0")

To use the latest from Github, add the following to the project/plugins.sbt of your project:

lazy val root = project.in(file(".")).dependsOn(sbtPurescript)
lazy val sbtPurescript = uri("git://github.com/eamelink/sbt-purescript")


  • Put your PureScript files (with extension purs into src/main/assets)
  • Run the purescript task
  • Observe the glorious result in target/web/public/main/js

Or in a Play Framework project:

  • Put your PureScript files (with extension purs into app/assets)
  • Run Play
  • Observe the JS file on http://localhost:9000/main.js

There is also a psci command that will run the purescript interpreter, with your sources loaded.

Using bower

Many purescript packages are distributed with bower. If you want to use bower to manage dependencies, you can just work with a regular bower.json file. To let the purescript task find the dependencies, add the following to build.sbt:

// Include only the `src` directories from the bower packages
(sourceDirectories in purescript in Assets) ++= (baseDirectory.value / "bower_components" * AllPassFilter / "src").get


There's a pscOptions key, with a sequence of parameters given to the psc command. You need to scope with within the Assets config. For example:

import PureScriptKeys._
pscOptions in Assets := Seq("--module", "Main", "--main") 

Hacking on the plugin

Run scripted to run the plugin test suite (which is barely existent at this point...)


MIT License, see LICENSE file.