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Scala wrapper for Datafiniti API

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

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Scalafiniti: A Scala wrapper for Datafiniti API

The Datafiniti API is owned and maintained by Datafinity See datafiniti-api.readme.io

This is an open source wrapper for that API, maintained by Datlinq

Datafiniti API endpoints supported

  • Business Data
  • Product Data
  • Property Data


Set up SBT

Add to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "com.datlinq" %% "scalafiniti" % "0.3.4"

Then add import statement

import com.datlinq.datafiniti._
import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPIFormats._
import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPIViewsV4._
import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPITypes._

Create an APIv4 object

val email = "..."
val password = "..."
val apiv4 = DatafinitiAPIv4(email, password)


Now query the API

Errors in the future or non-200 results are captured in DatafinitiErrors

Otherwise the result is parsed with json4s (even CSV requests, that return json with as CSV field)

The async calls return an DatafinitiFuture[T] which are EitherT[Future,DatafinitiError,JValue]] (see cats library)

This makes the Eithers in Futures composable in for comprehensions and such

val response:DatafinitiFuture[JValue] = apiv4.search(
    query = "categories:hotels",
    view_name = BusinessesBasic,
    records = Some(1),
    format = JSON,
    download = false,
    view = None

Record by Id

To get an individual record from Datafiniti there is a specific call recordById The main difference is that it's a Restful GET request with id in url. The SDK syntax is similar to the query, but simpler.

Only a id as String and a specific APIType are required

val response:DatafinitiFuture[JValue] = apiv4.recordById("xxxxxxxxx", Businesses)


The Download flow contains of multiple API calls first triggering the download, then redirect to polling API call untill the download is marked as COMPLETED afterwards redirecting to a similar API call to fetch the download URL's The method downloadLinks returns a List of Strings wrapped in a DatafinitiFuture.

val response:DatafinitiFuture[List[String]] = apiv4.downloadLinks(
      query = """categories:hotels AND city:"Capelle aan den IJssel"""",
      view_name = BusinessesBasic,
      records = Some(1),
      format = JSON,
      download = true,
      view = None

or download all files directly to a stream. Pass an outputstream to append lines, beware that resulting file may have records be out of order if there are multiple download files in the response, to prevent this set sequential to true (will be slower). The returned integer contains the total count of all (or limited by numberOfRecords) imported records

val response:DatafinitiFuture[Int] = apiv4.download(
    SearchRequestV4("""categories:hotels AND city:Rotterdam""", BusinessesBasic, numRecords, JSON), sequential = true)(stream)

User info

User information, including access rights and remaining requests are accessed by the

userInfo, returning the entire Json (or sub json if string was passed)

val et: DatafinitiFuture[JValue] = apiv4.userInfo()

and userInfoField, returning a specificly extracted value from user info (like "available_downloads")

val et: DatafinitiFuture[Option[Long]] = apiv4.userInfoField("available_downloads")

possible Formats

  • JSON
  • CSV (basic query still returns json result, but with one field filled with CSV data)

possible API Views in v4

  • BusinessesDefault - null
  • BusinessesAllFlatMenus - business_flat_menus"
  • BusinessesAllFlatReviews - business_flat_reviews"
  • BusinessesAllNested - business_all_nested"
  • BusinessesNoReviews - business_no_reviews"
  • BusinessesBasic - business_basic"
  • ProductsDefault - null
  • ProductsAllNested - product_all_nested"
  • ProductsFlatPrices - product_flat_prices"
  • ProductsFlatReviews - product_flat_reviews"
  • PropertiesDefault - null
  • PropertiesFlatPrices - property_flat_prices"
  • PropertiesFlatReviews - property_flat_reviews"

possible API Views in v3

  • BusinessesAll - businesses_all
  • BusinessesAllMenusFlat - businesses_all_menusFlat
  • BusinessesAllNested - businesses_all_nested
  • BusinessesAllNestedNoReviews - businesses_all_nested_no_reviews
  • BusinessesAllBasic - businesses_basic
  • ProductsAll - products_all
  • ProductsKeysSourceURLs - products_keysSourceURLs
  • ProductsMultiValuedFieldsNested - products_multiValuedFieldsNested
  • ProductsPricesFlat - products_pricesFlat
  • ProductsReviewsFlat - products_reviewsFlat


The current maintainers (people who can help you) are:


    import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPIFormats._
    import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPITypes._
    import com.datlinq.datafiniti.config.DatafinitiAPIViewsV4._
    import com.datlinq.datafiniti.request.SearchRequest.SearchRequestV4
    import org.json4s.JsonAST.JNothing

    import scala.concurrent.Await
    import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global
    import scala.concurrent.duration.Duration

    val email = "...."
    val password = "...."
    val apiv4 = DatafinitiAPIv4()

    // query
    val futureEither = apiv4.search(
      SearchRequestV4("""categories:restaurant AND city:Bergschenhoek""", BusinessesAllNested, Some(10), JSON))

    val result = Await.result(futureEither.value, Duration.Inf)

    val json = result.right.getOrElse(JNothing)

    // recordById
    val futureEither2 = apiv4.recordById("AWEF3R5B3-Khe5l_drZz", Businesses)

    val result2 = Await.result(futureEither2.value, Duration.Inf)

    val json2 = result2.right.getOrElse(JNothing)

    // download links
    val futureEither3 = apiv4.downloadLinks(
      SearchRequestV4("""categories:restaurant AND city:Lansingerland""", BusinessesAllNested)

    val result3 = Await.result(futureEither3.value, Duration.Inf)

    val links = result3.right.getOrElse(Nil)

    // download
    val stream = new FileOutputStream("/tmp/output.json")

    val futureEither4 = apiv4.download(
        view_name = BusinessesAllNested,
        query = """categories:restaurant AND city:"Berkel en Rodenrijs"""",
        format = JSON,
        num_records = None
      sequential = false

    val result4 = Await.result(futureEither4.value, Duration.Inf)



The code was build for scala 2.11, 2.12 and for version v3 & v4 of the Dafaniti API