dacr / web-echo   1.2.4


A websocket/webhook JSON data recorder with API

Scala versions: 2.13

web-echo tests License

web-echo service allows you to easily define on the fly JSON recorders which can be fed by remote services using either the dynamically generated webhook or the websockets you've provided. Then, at any time you can check what have been sent by the configured remote services. Check the swagger API specification for more information.

It has been deployed on https://mapland.fr/echo

Quick local start

Thanks to coursier from @alxarchambault, this application is quite easy to start, just execute :

cs launch fr.janalyse::web-echo:1.2.1


Environment variable Description default value
WEB_ECHO_LISTEN_IP Listening network interface ""
WEB_ECHO_LISTEN_PORT Listening port 8080
WEB_ECHO_PREFIX Add a prefix to all defined routes ""
WEB_ECHO_URL How this service is known from outside ""
WEB_ECHO_STORE_PATH Where data is stored "/tmp/web-echo-cache-data"