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GraphQL Schema tooling for Scala, built on Sangria

Scala versions: 2.13


A GraphQL Schema Tooling to make schema composing in Scala more convenient, built on Sangria.


Latest Published Version: 0.5.0

"io.github.d-exclaimation" %% "soda" % latestVersion


Interoperability with Sangria

Soda is built on Sangria, you can use Soda with existing Sangria schema. Even if you don't want to use the Schema tooling, you can still take advantage some features of Soda.

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Quick Start

Simple Example

Target SDL

type User {
    id: ID!
    name: String!

type Query {
    user(id: ID!): User
    users: [User!]!


import io.github.dexclaimation.soda.derive.obj
import io.github.dexclaimation.soda.schema.SodaObject
import sangria.schema.StringType

case class User(id: String, name: String)

// Using macro (More abstraction & limitations, faster to write)
object User {
  final val t = obj[Repo, User]()

// Using regular traits (Clear, easier to debug, slower to write)
object User extends SodaObject[Repo, User]("User") {
  def definition: Def = { t =>
    t.id(of = _.id)
    t.prop("name", StringType, of = _.name)

Query type

import io.github.dexclaimation.soda.schema._
import sangria.schema.{IDType, OptionType, ListType, Dfe}

class Repo {
  private val Users = Map("1" -> User("1", "Bob"))

  def user(id: String): Option[User] =
    Users get id

  def products: List[Product] = Users.values.toList

object UserQuery extends SodaQuery[Repo, Unit] {
  val id = $("id", IDType)

  def definition: Def = { t =>
    t.field("user", OptionType(User.t), args = id :: Nil) { 
      case Dfe(_, a, c) =>

    t.field("users", ListType(User.t)) {
      case Dfe(_, _, c) => c.users

Get the final schema

import io.github.dexclaimation.soda.core.SchemaDefinition.makeSchema

val schema = makeSchema(UserQuery.t)


If you have any feedback, please reach out to me through the issues tab or Twitter @d_exclaimation


This package is inspired by Nexus.