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A simple scala mail library using javax mail.

Scala versions: 2.11

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  • Scala library wrapping javax.mail for reading and sending emails with simple APIs.
    • Utilizing Typesafe config, within which javax.mail properties are directly set.
    • Support parallel sending.
    • Multiple password providing strategies.
    • Current support sending text mail and reading mime(through parse mime object).
  • Includes BatchMailTool, a simple cmd tool for sending batch mails.(See below)

Built against scala 2.11, dependencies: build.sbt



resolvers += "bintray-cuzfrog-maven" at ""


libraryDependencies += "com.github.cuzfrog" %% "maila" % "lastest-version"
provide an application.conf or whatever config file that conforms to Typesafe Config.

Necessary configs are listed below:

maila {
  server { = "some host" = "some host"
  #not really necessary, see below: password providing strategies.
  authentication {
    #user = Cause
    #password = "some crypt"

Default with documentation reference.conf Typical and for-testing application.conf

Different config source can be used, see Typesafe config

Config can be hot reloaded with Maila.reloadConfig ,after which new instances will be created with new config.

sending mail:
import com.github.cuzfrog.maila.{Mail, Maila}
val maila = Maila.newInstance(askUser = "[email protected]" ,askPassword = "pw")
val mail = Mail(List("[email protected]"), "subject", "text content")
maila.send(List(mail),isParallel =  true) //sending every mail in Future.
reading mail:
import com.github.cuzfrog.maila.{MailFilter, Maila}

val maila = Maila.newInstance(askUser = "[email protected]" ,askPassword = "pw")
val mails1 = //get a List of mails using default filter.

val filter = MailFilter(
    maxSearchAmount = 30,
    filter = _.subject.contains("myKeyWord")
val mails2 = //get a List of mails
mails2.foreach(m => println(m.contentText)) //print text content
password providing strategies:
  • Supply user and password directly:

        Maila.newInstance(askUser = "[email protected]" ,askPassword = "pw")
  • Plain text in config file(forbidden by default):

    Set allow-none-encryption-password = true in config.

        //System.setProperty("config.resource", "imap.conf") //if necessary.
        //Everytime an instance created, property cache is invalidated.
        Maila.newInstance(askUser = "[email protected]") //if cannot find password in config, fails later.
        Maila.newInstance() //assume user can be found in config as well.
  • Encrypted password in config file:

    Encryption uses AES method. You need to provide a finite seq of 128/192/256bit keys. Password string is in form of Base64. You can use Batch mail tool described below to generate key and encrypt password.

        val AESkey = "JYFi0VFzoUNZxLyj".getBytes("utf8")
        Maila.newInstance(AESkey) //try to decrypt password in config with the AES key.
  • Call-by-name mode, ask password when running.

        val console = System.console()
        def _askPassword = console.readPassword().mkString
        Maila.newInstance(askUser = "[email protected]",askPassword=_askPassword) //user can be lazy evaluated also.

Batch mail tool

This project includes a simple cmd tool for sending batch mails. Acquire binary from:

  • Release: Download
  • Build: run sbt >batchMailTool/assembly, which, in addition, will generate the windows bat file pointing to the current version.

How to use:

  1. add java to PATH.
  2. alter provided config file.
  3. >bmt -help you can have all instructions.

Use a file to define mails, and send:

>bmt send -m:./mails.csv

extra args:

  • -password: if emitted, it will prompt and ask user to type in.
  • -key: if specified, -password will be ignored, bmt tries to decrypt pw from config file.

File structure should be like this:(head line cannot be emitted.)

to subject text
[email protected] Greet tt1
[email protected] Hello tt2
etc etc etc
  • Text content has been de-escaped, which means you can define whole text of the email like:

      I will be ok if there are spaces.
      "If there is comma, I must be quoted."
      "First line.\nSecond line."
      "This is just one line with a double quote: \" and a special sign: \\n."

*File will be loaded completely before sending.

Change delimiter(csv files use comma), encoding, head definition in config file: reference.conf

Password tool:

>bmt encrypt -pw:myPassword

will print encrypted password with randomly generated key. Use-help to see more.

Debug mode:

In config file:

maila {
    #When set to true, exception stacktrace will be printed.
    debug = false

Update log:

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