cb372 / finagle-beanstalk   0.1.0


A Scala client for beanstalkd, based on Finagle RPC framework.

Scala versions: 2.11


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An asynchronous Scala client for beanstalkd built with Finagle.


Built for Scala 2.11.x.

How to use

Add the following dependency to your sbt build file:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.cb372" %% "finagle-beanstalk" % "0.0.1"

In your Scala application, create a new BeanstalkClient by passing it a comma-separated list of host:port pairs:

import com.github.cb372.finagle.beanstalk.client.BeanstalkClient

val client = BeanstalkClient.build("host1:11300,host2:11300")

Then use it, e.g.:

val jobData = "foo"
val putOptions = PutOpts(priority = 1, delay = 2, timeToRun = 3)
val futureOfResponse: Future[Either[Reply, Int]] = client.put(jobData, putOptions)
futureOfResponse map {
  case Left(reply) => 
    // Server replied with an error.
    // Pattern match on it to find out what it was.
  case Right(id) =>
    // The job was successfully inserted.
    // This is the job ID.

Finally shut down the client:


How to run the tests

Make sure you have beanstalkd installed and available on your $PATH. The tests will automatically start a beanstalkd server on a random port.

Then run:

$ sbt test