caoilte / sbt-scala-defaults   0.1.4


An sbt plugin that establishes sensible Scala/sbt defaults for any project.

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

SBT Scala Defaults

Less boilerplate!


Apache 2.0

Rejected Defaults

Ideas for the future

sbt/sbt-assembly#236 (comment)

incorporate sbt-catalyst

Fix Cross Publishing Multi-Module builds with sbt-doge

Fairly simples

Open Source project defaults

Enable 2.12 New Optimizer on non-incremental builds

Instructions on how to configure this here but no clue how to only do it on releases.

A task to configure sensible global plugins


Compare sbt-multi-jvm with sbt-cotest

A version of sbt-javaversioncheck that specifies a minimum version

Because sbt-versioncheck forces you to use exactly the version of Java that you specify it is not very useful as a default plugin in most situations. It is temporarily useful for Scala 2.12 but I will probably have to remove it once Java9 comes out.

If we could specify a version range that would be more useful.

Add javacOptions

If I must.