bmc / argot   1.0.4

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A command-line parser for Scala

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10

Abandonware Alert!

THIS PROJECT IS DEAD. I will no longer be maintaining it. scopt does everything you'd need in a command-line options parser, and it's what I'll be using going forward.

Old Description

Argot is a command-line parser library for Scala, supporting:

  • single-value and multi-value options
  • single-value and multi-value parameters
  • flag and non-flag options
  • GNU-style long options, i.e., "--option")
  • POSIX-style short options, i.e., single "-" lead-in, with option grouping (e.g., "tar -xcf foo.tgz")
  • automatic parameter conversion (i.e., values with non-string types, with automatic conversion)
  • the ability to supply your own conversion functions

For more information, see the Argot home page.

NOTE: The master branch supports only Scala 2.10 and later. See the pre-scala-2.10 branch for versions of Scala prior to 2.10.