This tool converts a vcf file to a Tab Separated Values (TSV) file. For every key in the INFO column of the VCF file, a separate column will be created with the corresponding values. The user can select the keys that will be parsed into the output TSV file. This can be useful in the case a program only accepts a TSV file for downstream analysis.


For documentation and manuals visit our page.


VcfToTsv is part of BIOPET tool suite that is developed at LUMC by the SASC team. Each tool in the BIOPET tool suite is meant to offer a standalone function that can be used to perform a dedicate data analysis task or added as part of a pipeline, for example the SASC team's biowdl pipelines.

All tools in the BIOPET tool suite are Free/Libre and Open Source Software.


For any question related to VcfToTsv, please use the github issue tracker or contact the SASC team directly at: [email protected].