Scala Coingecko API

The Scala API for coingecko that you always wanted.


coingecko-api is an open-source library which implements Coingecko API. It uses the great sttp client to interact with the API, so you have access to any backend that sttp supports.

Setup with sbt

Add the following dependency: Scala 3

"com.besselstudio.coingecko" %% "client" % "3.0.0"

Scala 2, we will backport updates in the branch 2.x

"com.besselstudio.coingecko" %% "client" % "0.2.0"

Then, import:

import sttp.client3._

Here is a quick example of coingecko api:

import com.besselstudio.coingecko.CoingeckoApi
import com.besselstudio.coingecko.client.CoingeckoClientImpl
import sttp.client3.{HttpURLConnectionBackend, Identity, SttpBackend}

import scala.util.{Failure, Success, Try}

object CoingeckoApp extends App {
  println(s"Coingecko App Start")
  given backend: SttpBackend[Identity, Any] = HttpURLConnectionBackend()
  lazy val api = new CoingeckoApi()

  lazy val client = new CoingeckoClientImpl(api)

    Try {
      client.getPrice(List("bitcoin"), List("eth", "usd"))
    } match {
      case Success(value) =>
        value match {
          case  Left(c) => println(s"List Price failed ${c.code} reason ${c.error}")
          case Right(priceWithCurrencies) => println(s"Price BTC ${priceWithCurrencies("bitcoin").mkString(",")}")
      case Failure(exception) =>
        println(s"Failure ${exception.getMessage}")

  println(s"Coingecko App End")