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📦 The functional files manipulation library Scala was missing

Scala versions: 2.13


Pandore is a (tool)box that aims to hide all the ailments and complexities of Java's file handling APIs and file compression/decompression from the ingenuous Functional Scala developper.

It does so by presenting a clean, coherent and fully functional interface, which acts as a one-stop for all file and directories-related operations.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this library to improve it, add functionalities or challenge some of its opinionated approaches.


Here are some simple, self-explanatory uses of the library:

import cats.effect.IO
import fsutils.{DirectoryHandle, FileHandle}

for {
  file       <- FileHandle.createAt[IO]("/my/new/file.csv")
  _          <- file.writeLinesProgressively(Iterator("foo", "bar", "bar"))
  fileSize   <- file.size
  _          <- logger.debug(s"Successfuly wrote a $fileSize bytes file")
  compressed <- file.compressWith(CompressionAlgorithm.ZSTANDARD).writeTo("/x/y/file.csv.zstd")
} yield compressed
import cats.effect.IO
import fsutils.{DirectoryHandle, FileHandle}

for {
  dir         <- DirectoryHandle.fromFile[IO](new File("/foo/bar"))
  contentSize <- dir.size
  _           <- dir.forEachFileBelow(uploadToS3)
  _           <- logger.debug(s"Uploaded $contentSize bytes to S3")
  _           <- dir.delete // Will recursively delete the directory and its contents
} yield ()
import cats.effect.IO
import fsutils.{DirectoryHandle, FileHandle}

for {
  file             <- FileHandle.fromPath[IO]("/x/y/z.txt.snappy")
  decompressedFile <- file.decompressFrom(CompressionAlgorithm.SNAPPY).writeTo("/x/y/z.txt")
  compressedFile   <- decompressedFile.compressTo(CompressionAlgorithm.ZSTANDARD).writeTo("/x/y/z.zstd")
} yield compressedFile

If you ever were to decide to open Pandore's box, you can do so by calling the .toJavaFile method on either of the data structures this library exposoes.