Akka Social Stream

Generate a feed of social network status messages as Akka stream.


Add the dependency to your SBT build file:

libraryDependencies += "ch.becompany" %% "akka-social-stream" % "0.1.1"


Declare a Feed for Twitter tweets, GitHub events and Facebook page events, including the latest 10 messages:

val updateInterval = 5 minutes
val feed = Feed(
  "twitter" -> new TwitterFeed("my_screen_name", updateInterval),
  "github" -> new GithubFeed("my_github_organization", updateInterval)
  "facebook" -> new FacebookFeed("my_facebook_page_id", updateInterval)

The parameters are the ID for the feed provider and the updateInterval as FiniteDuration. The updateInterval parameter is optional and by default the maximum allowed rate per provider is configured. Values that result in a higher update rate than the allowed by the providers are silently ignored.

Subscribe to the stream of status messages (see Status class for details):

feed.subscribe.runForeach { case (network, date, status) =>
  println(s"Status update on $network by ${status.author.name}")

API documentation