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Functional Scala wrapper for FoundationDB Java client.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

FoundationDB Scala client

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This is a functional Scala wrapper for Java FoundationDB driver. Goal of it is to provide easy to use access to FoundationDB from Scala. If you are using FoundationDB in your Scala project already, please contact me.


Functional DSL

Main part of the wrapper its an algebra which represents the DSL to manipulate with transactions.

val fdb = FoundationDB.connect(600, "path/to/fdb.cluster")
import fdb.syntax._

  for {
    _ <- set("key", 1)
    _ <- set("key", 2)
    result <- get[String, Int]("key")
    _ <- clear("key")
  } yield result

Macros based serialization

We abstracted you over the Tuples and byte arrays that used in java driver. Our macros will generate correct representation of your data in FoundationDB Tuples.

case class SomeStorageModel(a: String, b: Int, c: String)
set("key", SomeStorageModel("1", 2, "3"))

Implicit subspace control

Instead of manually wrapping all the keys into subspaces, just implicitly provide the subspace to the library and it will do it for you.

implicit val subspace = Subspace("my-great-subspace")
// Now this query executed in defined subspace
  for {
    _ <- set("key", 1)
    result <- get[String, Int]("key")
  } yield result

InMemory testkit

We supporting inmemory runner for the DSL which emulates FoundationDB and tested with the same test spec as real database interpreter.

To use it, just inject different implementation of FoundationDB class in your parameters.


Full example

  import me.archdev.foundationdb._
  import me.archdev.foundationdb.namespaces._

  val fdb = FoundationDB.connect(600, "path/to/fdb.cluster")

  implicit val subspace: Subspace =
    fdb.openDirectorySync(Seq("my", "directory", "path")).buildSubspace("test_subspace")
  import fdb.syntax._
      for {
        _ <- set("key", SomeStorageModel("1", 2, "3"))
        _ <- set("key2", "value2")
        result <- get[String, SomeStorageModel]("key")
        _ <- clear("key2")
      } yield result

Give it a try

We are compatible with 6.0.15 FoundationDB Java driver version. Currently, there is no maven release for this version, so please, attach FoundationDB Java driver manually in build.sbt.

libraryDependencies += "" % "foundationdb" % "6.0.15" from ""
libraryDependencies += "me.archdev" %% "foundation-db-scala" % "0.1.5"

resolvers ++= Seq(

Work in progress

  • Testkit support for onError, mutate, watch, getVersiontimestamp, getReadVersion, setReadVersion, getCommittedVersion
  • Docs


Copyright (C) 2018 Arthur Kushka.
Distributed under the MIT License.


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