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Deps-Free Scaladoc AST, Parser and Macro-based Extractor and Compiler Plugin to carry over

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11



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This project aims to provide comprehensive toolset for scaladoc manipulations.

  • Scaladoc AST (Tags, Markdown)
  • Parser
  • Compiler Plugin that can be used to embed scaladocs of classes into classes bytecode so this can be reused later on
  • Extractor that can be used to extract scaladocs for class from
    • attachments (see scala macro for attachments)
    • class bytecode
    • source file

Original Scaladoc Documentation link

Scaladoc AST

This Scaladoc model allows user to have pretty detailed view on class description. It covers not only scaladoc tags but also recognizes markdown markup if used for certain type of tags.

Here is the model.

Span     = PlainText (String)
         | Monospace (String)
         | Italic (String)
         | Bold (String)
         | Underline (String)
         | Superscript (String)
         | Subscript (String)
         | Link (String)
         | CodeBlock (String)

Markup   = Span
         | Heading (Level String)
         | Paragraph (List Span)
         | Document (List Markup)

Tag      = Description       (Markup)       
         | Constructor       (Markup)       
         | Param             (String Markup)
         | TypeParam         (String Markup)
         | Returns           (Markup)       
         | Throws            (String Markup)
         | See               (Markup)
         | Note              (Markup)
         | Example           (Markup)
         | UseCase           (Markup)
         | Author            (String)
         | Version           (String)
         | Since             (String)
         | Todo              (Markup)
         | Deprecated        (Markup)
         | Migration         (Markup)
         | Group             (String)
         | GroupName         (String String)
         | GroupDescription  (String Markup)
         | GroupPriority     (String Int)
         | Documentable
         | InheritDoc
         | OtherTag          (String Markup)
Scaladoc = List Tag


Parser is just parser. Takes text and either gives you parsed model or an error.

import scaladoc._

val text = """/** = Title =
             |  *
             |  * Description
             |  *
             |  * @param a Param A
             |  * @param b Param B
             |  */

val scaladoc = Scaladoc fromString text

Compiler plugin

In scala world we got used to the idea that pretty much anything we can derive out of whatever we have - case classes (product), sealed traits (sum), etc. And that is cool. But sometimes you need more, you want tour models to be documented and moreover, that documentation to be distributed alongside with the bytecode and can be used by other tools that derives something.

Like tools that derives json schemas, avro schemas, swagger, openapi, etc. could use that info to enrich resulted schemas with titles, descriptions, etc based on only scaladoc.

So what this plugin does is

  • validate scaladoc
  • packs it into java annotation so that it could be carried over


This guy is used to extract scaladoc information from specified type. It will inspect all possible places to get the job done, it will check attachments, java annotations and lastly source code (if available) to provide your tool with extracted scaladoc.

import scaladoc._

val scaladoc = Scaladoc.of[Foo]


For AST, Parser and Extractor please add following two lines into your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "scaladoc-ast"    % "<version>"
libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "scaladoc-parser" % "<version>"

For scaladoc embedding functionality, please consider adding these lines into your build.sbt

autoCompilerPlugins := true

libraryDependencies += compilerPlugin("com.github.andyglow" % ("scaladoc-compiler-plugin_" + scalaVersion.value) % "<version>")
libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "scaladoc-parser" % "<version>" % Provided
libraryDependencies += "com.github.andyglow" %% "scaladoc-ast"    % "<version>"