alejandrohdezma / sbt-yourkit   0.2.0

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Adds YourKit agent to Docker SBT apps

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

Adds YourKit agent to Docker SBT apps

This plugin copies the YourKit Docker agent into the image created by sbt-native-packager and attaches it to the running app.


Add the following line to your plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.alejandrohdezma" % "sbt-yourkit" % "0.2.0")


By default, the plugin enables automatically if the yourKitEnabled setting is set to true:

ThisBuild / yourKitEnabled := true

However, if you want to enable this on a single SBT shell session, you can use the aliases yourKit or yourKitOn, for setting it to true and yourKitOff, for setting it to false.

Changing the YourKit version

The YourKit installed version can be customized with the yourKitVersion setting:

yourKitVersion := "2023.5"

Also remember to re-build your Docker image using sbt "Docker / publishLocal".

Profiler options

The profiler startup options can be customized using the yourKitOptions setting:

yourKitOptions += "port" -> "10002"

You can get more information about available options here.

By default these options are set to: