agmenc / planet7-extensions   0.0.8


Convert between Csv Rows and case classes; sum case classes

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

Planet7 Extensions

Planet7-extensions adds a couple of handy features to Planet7:

  • Convert from Csv Rows to case classes and back again
  • Add case classes together (for summing up transactions, rectangular co-ordinates, etc)

The code is based on the excellent examples provided with Shapeless

CSV Row <=> Case Class


case class ActualPerson(id: Int, firstName: String, surname: String, fee: BigDecimal)

Converting a Row to a case class returns a Try, since there is a runtime element in the data conversion:

import planet7.extensions._

"ConvertTo case class from Row" in {
  val row: Row = Row(Array("5", "Jeremiah", "Jones", "13.3"))

  val triedPerson: Try[ActualPerson] = ConvertTo[ActualPerson].fromRow(row)

  triedPerson.get mustEqual ActualPerson(5, "Jeremiah", "Jones", 13.3)

We can always convert a case class to a Row, so no Try is needed here:

"ConvertTo to Row from case class" in {
  val person = ActualPerson(5, "Jeremiah", "Jones", 13.3)

  val row = ConvertFrom[ActualPerson].toRow(person)

  row mustEqual Row(Array("5", "Jeremiah", "Jones", "13.3"))

Case Class + Case Class

case class Transaction(accountId: String, desc: String, price: BigDecimal, lots: Int)

"Adding case classes sums Numerics, ORs Booleans and prefers the first nonEmpty String" in {
  val buy = Transaction("1", "buy", -26.3, 20)
  val sell = Transaction("1", "sell", 72.4, -30)

  buy |+| sell mustEqual Transaction("1", "buy", 46.1, -10)