adelbertc / rebind   0.2.0

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Rebind is a Scala port/remake of the Haskell retry library.

Scala versions: 2.10


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Rebind is a Scala port/remake of the Haskell retry library. One of the main differences is it is designed to work with DisjunctionT's instead of MonadIO things.

Getting Started

Rebind is cross-built/published against Scala 2.10 and 2.11 with Scalaz 7.1 - Scalaz is (currently) its only dependency.

To use it in your project, add the following to your SBT build definition:

resolvers += "adelbertc" at ""

libraryDependencies += "com.adelbertc" %% "rebind-core" % "0.2.0"

Despite the small bit of code that it is, there may well be breaking changes in the following versions.


Example usage can be found in the tests.

Because Rebind abstracts out the F[_] : Monad used in the DisjunctionT, it should (hopefully) be pretty easy to make it work with libraries like Doobie or Dispatch. The general idea is to get your "action" (probably in the form of scalaz.concurrent.Task or scalaz.effect.IO) and then use Rebind to specify how you want to retry in the case of failure to get a new retrying action back. The operations are stack stafe so long as F[_] is - common examples are Task and IO.


Code is provided under the BSD 3-Clause license available at, as well as in the LICENSE file. This is the same license used as the retry library.