aappddeevv / sbt-cli-codegen   0.1.3

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Generate scala sources using a sbt plugin, slightly easier than writing your own.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0



This sbt plugin generates scala source artifacts. Sbt by default does not cache source generated artifacts. The manual recommends optimizing code generation. This plugin implements that pattern so you can more easily generate artifacts with sbt caching.


Generate scala source artifacts more easily than writing your own tasks. While it is easy to generate your own scala sources if you read sbt manual on this topic, once you want to start tracking input and output files so that the build is optimized a bit more than running the generator on every compile, you encounter a little bit of boilerplate.

This plugin removes that boilerplate for simple cases but does require you to be specific about your inputs and outputs so that they can be manager by sbt.

sbt uses the <project dir>/target/scala-<scala version>/src_managed/main directory by default for managed sources that you generate. To make the plugin easier to configure, you should arrange for cli to place its outputs into that location.

To use, add the following:

// plugins.sbt
resolvers += Resolver.bintrayIvyRepo("aappddeevv", "sbt-plugins")

addSbtPlugin("ttg" % "sbt-cli-codegen" % "<latest version here>")

Then in your build.sbt:

// build.sbt

// you must be a bit more specific since it uses a more general plugin
val cli_command = (input_files: Seq[String]) =>
   (Seq("awesome-cli", "--param", "1", 
           "--output", "mysubproject/target/scala-2.13/src_managed/main/cli_codgen/awesome.scala"),

lazy val subproject = project.in(file("subproject"))
        codegenCommand := cli_command,
  	codegenInputSources := Seq(sourceDirectory.value.toGlob / "mysubproject/src/main/awesome/*.awesome")

There are some other ways to specify input and output files so that sbt can manage the run process. Please check the source as the plugin is only 20-30 lines. You can also dynamically generate an output file that has the list of output files that were generated into the src_managed directory and the plugin will ensures that they exist.


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