2m / yabai-scala   2.0.1

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Scala DSL for yabai configuration

Scala versions: 3.x

Yabai Scala is a DSL for Yabai configuration. This was started to help with creating missing workspaces. But eventually more useful features were implemented.


Yabai Scala can be used as a regular Scala library. However it works realy great with scala-cli. It allows seamless integration into system configuration dotfiles.

For example the following file:

//> using lib "lt.dvim.yabai::yabai-scala:2.0.1"

import lt.dvim.yabai.*

@main def run() =
  for {
    _ <- (yabai.spaces.max until 10)
  } yield yabai ! "space --create"

is a standalone Scala program, which when run with scala-cli will create yabai spaces until the total number of spaces reaches 10:

~ ─╼ scala-cli run Yabai.scala
Compiling project (Scala 3.1.1, JVM)
Executing: yabai -m query --spaces

For a more complete example, check out full Yabai configuration.