tiwg / imce.magicdraw.dynamicscripts.batch   3.17.5

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DynamicScripts batch launcher for MagicDraw

Scala versions: 2.11

DynamicScripts batch launcher for MagicDraw

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This is a small utility to execute an IMCE MagicDraw DynamicScript as a batch MagicDraw Unit Test.


(on the IMCE VM)

% source ~jenkins/sbt-aliases.sh
% sbtJPLBeta test

This will execute each IMCE DynamicScript specification (*.json) found in the tests folder.

IMCE DynamicScript Specification

An IMCE DynamicScript Specification is a MagicDrawTestSpec, a data structure specifying the following information to run a MagicDraw Unit Test:

  • A list of MagicDraw required plugin IDs

  • A list of IMCE MagicDraw dynamic script files

    Relative paths are assumed to be based on MagicDraw's installation folder.

  • A MagicDraw project location (local or teamwork)

  • The specification of an IMCE DynamicScript to be executed as a unit test

This project uses the Play Framework JSon library to generate, at compile time, JSon reader/writer converters for the data structures involved in specifying the above information.


One-time debugging at the SBT prompt:

> set mdJVMFlags := Seq("-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=y,address=<some port number>")
> test

Alternatively, change the build.sbt file.

MD Unit Tests

It is surprisingly tricky to get MD Unit Tests to execute reliably and reproducibly.

  • The MD installation folder is created from scratch in target/md.package when executing test

    When running SBT at the terminal, it may be useful to do clean to explicitly delete it.

  • LOCALCONFIG, WINCONFIG to false (i.e. store all MD-related configuration info in target/md.package)

  • Although the classpath is carefully constructed in the ForkOptions used to run tests, the actual classpath is different.

    The path in ForkOptions is carefully constructed to reflect what would be in bin/magicdraw.imce.properties. SBT adds the test framework libraries it uses. Fortunately, MD is able to handle this difference.